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Tal Prai'ex - The Romulan Praetorian Guard
Jolan'tru Romulans!

The Romulan Praetorian Guard (RPG), otherwise known as the Tal Prai'ex, is a relatively new fleet for STO that launched with the Legacy of Romulus expansion. Most of us played STO when it first hit open beta and we still thought Romulans would be a playable faction at launch (as the STO site had the Romulan Star Empire symbol under its factions page at that time, together with the Klingon and Federation symbols). We also have a sizable number players completely new to STO, which is a good sign. What binds us together is that we all love the Romulans from the TV shows. We have been growing steadily, with on average 5 new recruits per week, and are almost at our intended target of 50 members.

As the name implies, the fleet is an organization within the Romulan Military (specifically the Romulan Star Navy) with obvious similarities to the old Roman Praetorian guard created by Augustus. Learning the truth about the destruction of Romulus and the new allegiance of the Tal Shiar, the Praetorian Guard has decided to form an alliance of convenience with the Romulan Republic.

Who this guild is for:

- Players who love the Romulan Star Empire and the Romulans from the shows. Ruthless, cunning and with a massive superiority complex, yet with a moral compass and a strong sense of duty, pride and honor. The interesting villains that we have come to love basically. Most of the officers of the Praetorian Guard don't share the love D'Tan has for democracy and unification with the Vulcans, and if they have the chance they will simply restore the former Romulan Star Empire. With them in positions of power, naturally.

- Players who feel an alliance with the Federation and doing pacifistic missions for them simply doesn't fit the Romulans. The Romulans have allied with the Klingons before, either with the entire empire (TOS era military alliance) or with a specific house (House of Duras, TNG era) so it makes (more) sense for us to seek an alliance with one of the Klingon houses if not the Klingon government itself.

- Mature, friendly people making a new start as Romulans and looking for a family guild with a social focus. The aim of the guild is to simply have fun together while immersing ourselves with our Romulan characters through RP events, exploring the PvE content, building a starbase together, and doing various other activities like PvP or simply questing.

- All play styles are welcome! Are you a working adult without the time to put 10 hours a day in a game? No problem. Do you have more time to play? Great! Obviously our recruitment focus is on players who intend to RP their Romulan characters, however we also have a place for those that do not RP their characters but simply want the ambiance of a Romulan themed fleet, as long as the following conditions are met:

Enforced Restrictions:

- Romulan and Reman captains only.

- Romulan/Reman ships only. (Klingon ship designs that are used by the Romulans like the D7 are naturally allowed, as are the Tal Shiar lockbox ships or any other future Romulan ships designed by Cryptic)

- Romulan/Reman suitable name. (We are not overly strict with this, as how does one define a Romulan or Reman name, but if your character is named EmperorShiiinzon you best move on.)

- In the future there will also be a recommended ship and uniform coloring, (darker than the traditional colours used by the RSE) which is voluntarily.
Lord Tareq / Jul 31, 2013
Jolan'tru! Due to the fleet filling up rapidly, we have given our recruitment efforts a second look. The result is a new more extensive recruitment form, and a stricter selection from now on. Applicants only giving a skeletal-response will not be accepted.
In addition recruitment of Tactical captains has stopped temporarily, although we reserve the right to still accept some especially promising Tactical captains.
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